Saturday, July 6, 2013

Good vibes by association - Ritchey wheelset

Just like the title. Obvs they're 700c wheels. Black. Sexy. You want 'em.

Ritchey Silhouette OER Comp rims laced onto black Zero System (Ritchey) freehub. Front wheel is radial laced (cool and sexy) to the equivalent front hub.

Raced cyclocross with them for a season and a half. I also did some (extremely) light long distance road training on them (I hate 'training').

I'm the second owner of the wheelset and there's nothing wrong with them at all, I just got an upgrade. A few scuffs and whatnot on the quick-release levers but that's about it (that sorta stuff happens when you ride like a bau5).

Obviously this picture isn't one that I've taken (it's from the internet), but that's the exact set. If you want a picture of the wheelset in question, email me.


Don't like the price? Let's talk. Trades are pretty cool too.

Please email: thomasgepp - at -

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